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Our mission

Afrou mocktails is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Ismail and Raisah.


"Whilst neither of us would claim to be a foodie, I'm sure my husband would agree we are definitely food lovers. Despite dining at many restaurants with sophisticated menus we have been left frustrated time and time again at the lack of premium non-alcoholic drinks on offer. This means we are often left with little choice but to opt for a fruit juice or a fizzy drink. We believe those who don't drink alcohol also deserve to enjoy beautifully crafted memorable drinks and so we set out on a mission to create them for ourselves! In our opinion mocktails that taste and look amazing deserve just as much love as cocktails and we hope that our range can prove this. Why not choose our mobile bar for your celebrations and enjoy alcohol free rounds in style."                                 

Raisah & Ismail 

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